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Company Registered,Ventured Into Trading Of Raw Skins,


Building Of Finished Leather Tannery, Smita Was Born & Manufacturing Of Small Production  Lots To Export Crust To Italian And Spanish Markets


Ventured Into Exports Of Finished Leather For The First Time To European Markets


Expanded The Production Facility To 2,00,000 Sqft Of Finished Leather Per Month


Finished Leather Exports To China Commence Opeartions And Business Grows 30% With One Article Of Goat Glazed Milled


The Production Of Goat Glazed Milled To The Chinese Market Doubles; Every Year Reaching To 8,00,000 Sqft Per Month Of Finished Leather, -Infrastructure  Expands From 2,00,000 Sqft Capacity To 4,00,000 Capacity And  A New Effluent Treatment Plant Is Built


Md Of The Company Suddenly Expires And A New Director Joins The Company


Company Launches New Products Cateringto Various Fashion Trends And Employs A Strong Marketing Strategy, Modernisation Of Existing Etp & Ro Systems Making It A Complete Veg Goat Tannery With New Finishes From Vegetable And Wet White


The Exports Increase,The Production Capacity And Infrastructure Is Doubled ,From 4,00,000 Sqft To 8,00,000 Sqft Per Month


The Tannery Is Modernised With High Class Working Environment And The Certification With Blc Is Obtained
Turnover Of The Company Grows 30% Every Quarter Making It One Of The Largest Exporters Of Veg Goat Finished Leather
Company Starts Its Own Overseas Offices, For Marketing And Production Services


The Recipient Of The Highest Export Award For Finished Leather From Government Of India For 2013-2014, Becomes A Regular Exhibitor In All International Fairs Making Own Collections Twice A Year


Company Establishes Strong Presence In Women’s Casual And Dress Leathers For Shoes
A New Technology  Is Introduced To Make Leathers Biodegradable With Veg Tanning Systems


The Company Enters New Markets Creating Many Products Catering To Different Segments, Expansion Of Facility To House More Than  5 Million Pieces Of Inventory In 3 Warehouses


Company opens another unit and expands the finishing capacity of the tannery.


Company ties up with top colour trend manager and launches latest fashion trend in UK in sink to the global leather industry.

Smita Exports