Our Profile

         Smita is 25 year old company based in Ambur, Vellore district focused on making only vegetable tanned goat leather, Smita is a tannery equipped in making more than 8 million square feet a year with high control over quality, delivery and fashion .We specialize in making chrome free tannage and our tannage is designed in an authentic systematic method which allows us to be eco-friendly. Located in 25 acres of land, with the motive to keep the environment and nature in a beautiful way by making harm free tannages, thus rendering us to be one of the leading suppliers and exporters in this industry. Our work, our passion, the love for our leather and the willingness to offer our expertise to serve our customers has allowed Smita to grow steadily while standing by an irrefutable principle and the search for quality and continuous refinement. Superior quality products, huge selection, unmatched customer service and exceptional value have made us the preferred leather supplier for the global market. Today Smita carries collaborations with some of the most important brands in the world of fashion, in an increasingly and symbiotic relationship, challenging us to compete at even higher levels in the world of fashion.

Smita Exports