We believe that we produce the best quality leather and are continuously developing and designing the most innovative finishes which enables us to serve our expertise to the best brands in the world of fashion .We like to re-invent ourselves ,it is a part of our job. Our responsibility is our Customer, meeting their needs and individualized service is what we constantly strive for, Smita always use the principle of GO GREEN, hence protecting the environment which we are privileged to be a part of.


          With over 300 employees, we pride ourselves not just providing superior quality leather but always striving to create a customer centric company, on monitoring customer satisfaction we believe in continuously enhancing and upgrading our quality improvement systems to give more unique and long lasting product. We always try to bring about an evolution and thus a subsequent revolution, with our innovative designs and varied textures in our high capacity tannery .We will continue to be committed and responsible towards the environment we operate in.

Smita Exports